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Statue of Ka-aper

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 42 – Ground Floor

Period: Old Kingdom

Dynasty: Dynasty 5, Reign of Userkaf (ca. 2435-2429 BC)

Size: Height 112 cm

Place of discovery: Saqqara, Mastaba of Ka-aper

Material: Wood; Eyes: Rock crystal, calcite, copper, black stone

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This is one of the very few wooden statues survived to the present day. Found by Auguste Mariette in 1870 the statue, originally covered by a coat of painted plaster, represent with extreme realism the corpulent chief lector priest Ka-aper with his left foot forward, and holding a staff (now substituted with a copy) in his left hand. His eyes are inlaid with calcite, quartz, and black stone to make a like-life model.